What Not To Do When Visiting An Escort

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Visiting an escort for the first time can be a little overwhelming, with what seems like a hundred different rules, things to consider and bits to remember. With that being said, having to remember a lot of things definitely doesn’t constitute as an excuse to forget that you’re not allowed to do things that come off as rude, and today, we’re discussing things that you definitely shouldn’t do when visiting an escort.

Don’t Ask Rude Questions

I know this one is subjective as you never know what someone will perceive as being rude, but in general don’t ask questions that you probably wouldn’t ask someone that you’d just met on a date. Don’t ask an escort if they’re clean (it’s her job to be), what their home life is like (that all feels a little personal), how many other people they’ve seen that day (you don’t want to know the answer, and they definitely don’t want to make things awkward by telling you) or their real name (if they wanted you to know, they’d be using it). In general, be courteous, don’t be too invasive, and don’t get too personal in a way that could turn the entire experience into feeling more than a little awkward.

Don’t Try To Haggle Or Withhold Your Money

I know it can seem like a lot of money to drop on one night, but remember that you opted to spend the night in this escort’s company, knowing the price that it would set you back. Don’t go there and then haggle with an escort who is just doing a job for the price that you already agreed to, as it’s insulting to the escort and embarrassing for you – and don’t withhold money until the very end. Money is customarily exchanged within the first ten minutes spent with an escort, and don’t withhold it – unless you wish to make the whole exchange seem forced as you’re spending you time with an escort who’s not sure if they’re going to get paid. Similarly, if the escort is going to have to ask you to pay them, this is only going to end in more awkwardness that could otherwise be avoided.

Don’t Make Promises That You Can’t/Won’t Deliver On

This is a much smaller point than the one above, but it’s definitely one that’s worth noting. Escorts tend to place their hopes on your reviews and you coming back for another booking, and if you say you’re going to do this, it’s good to follow through. If you can’t deliver on these things, that’s fine – but don’t make promises like this to your escort; their livelihood depends on this, and you’re feedback is super important, so a review promised that isn’t posted can make them feel the meeting didn’t go as well as they’d thought.

The list of etiquette rules available for most escorts will tell you if there’s anything that you particular shouldn’t do, but here’s a basic set of rules to consider if you’re going to an escort for the first time, or just if you need a reminded; stay safe, comfortable and don’t make the situation awkward.


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