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These London Babes are the Best In the City

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Babes of London girls

Treat Yourself to a High Class Escort Tonight

Babes of London are where you will find some of the best escorts in the capital, and they have become a firm favourite with discerning gentlemen.

Many London guys are skipping the hassle of dating nights and singles apps for something much simpler. That’s right, we’re talking about escort agencies. Times are changing, and escorts are no longer a seedy option. No, these girls are highly skilled, professional, and are a great choice for guys looking for a little casual fun. So if you want to book one for an evening, where will you find the best? At Babes of London of course! This elite London Escort Agency is the first port of call for guys looking for the finest escorts in the capital.

Dressed to impress

The best escorts in town love to dress up for their clients, and you can be sure that your chosen girl will look a million dollars for your date. There’s a difference between looking sexy and looking trashy though – and when you book with Babes of London you can be sure that it will always be the former. Your escort will look beautifully elegant, allowing you to take her anywhere.

Skills of seduction

The girls at Babes of London know how to please a man. During their years in the industry, they have picked up all kinds of cheeky skills and tricks that they can wow you with during your evening together. It doesn’t matter whether you want to unwind with a sensual massage or have a really raunchy fantasy that you want to fulfil – you’ll be in safe hands with one of these babes.

Suited to any date

Babes of London girls are so adaptable and versatile, enjoying all kinds of dates with their clients. They love to party, and will dance the night away with you at an exclusive club. Or if you have a more sedate evening in mind, she’ll be just as at home dining in a romantic London restaurant. You don’t even have to go out if you don’t want to, as these ladies are available for visits to homes and hotels all over the capital.

Ideal for career men

Escorts are also ideally suited to businessmen, and none more so than the girls at Babes of London. They are available at times and places that suit you, and will always work around your schedule. They also make the perfect plus ones to corporate events, and will wow you with their wit, intelligence and confidence. No one will ever guess that she’s an escort!

Discretion guaranteed

The Babes of London escorts are always totally professional, whatever you get up to during your time together. Whether you are letting your hair down or enjoying a cosy night in, she will always carry out her work with the utmost discretion and respect for your wishes. Babes of London have built up a reputation as the most trustworthy agency in the city – and the glowing reviews on their site are proof of that.

There’s only one agency to call!

Now that you know where to find the very best escorts in the city, why not treat yourself? You only deserve the very finest service, so it makes sense to book with the agency that London guys come back to time and time again. If you’re at a loose end tonight, why not see which beauties are available in your area?

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How Men Spice Things Up in The Bedroom

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How Men Spice Things Up in The Bedroom

Revolutionise Your Sex Life

By following a few simple pieces of advice you could be enjoying sex like never before!

Sex is a huge part of a relationship. As well as the obvious physical benefits, it’s vital for maintaining the emotional side of your relationship too. It goes without saying then that it’s really important to keep your sex life fresh and exciting. Whether you’re in the first flushes of a new relationship or have been with your partner for years, there are many ways in which you can spice things in up in the bedroom. Here are five of the most common ways guys add a little bit of excitement to their love lives.

Buy some new toys

Investing in some toys is a really easy way to add a little bit of excitement to your sex life. Shopping for them can feel like a mammoth task though. Where do you even start? Well, heading to a trusted gay adult store like Esmale should be your first step. You’ll be able to find all kinds of cheeky buys here – from beginner friendly toys like cock rings to seriously powerful anal vibrators. Sounds like you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Watch porn together

Watching porn together is a really fun way of spicing up your love life. There are so many different gay porn sites out there, so it’s just a matter of doing a little Googling until you find something that takes your fancy. Then you and your partner can sit back and enjoy the show! Porn movies are great places to get some inspiration and new ideas. When you’re watching, hit the pause button and try it yourself!

Try a new position

Sex can get pretty boring if you do it in exactly the same way every time, so why not give some new positions a try? This is probably the easiest (and cheapest!) way of changing things up in the bedroom. There are so many websites you can look at for some inspiration. So bookmark your favourites and next time you’re both in the mood, mix it up a little!

Get a little kinky

Feeling like you want to take things to the next level? Then it could be time to get kinky! Experimenting with BDSM is a fantastic way of playing around with the power dynamics in the bedroom. There are plenty of things that you can buy to help you out a little – from blindfolds to whips, handcuffs to gags. The only limit is how comfortable you and your partner feel!

Talk more about sex

The most important aspect of turning over a new leaf in the bedroom is putting an emphasis on communicating. Many men feel uncomfortable discussing their feelings and desires, but we simply need to get past this if we want to be having better sex. So don’t be afraid to sit down with your partner and be honest about what you want from your sex life. It can start anywhere, even with a cheeky text. Just make sure that you’re talking!

A whole new you awaits!

No matter how old or experienced you are, there is always something new you can learn about sex. So why not take the time do a little research this weekend and get shopping for some cheeky treats for you and your partner? You’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

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A Night Out in Manchester

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Manchester at night

When a client needs a party girl to show them around the city, I’m always the most in-demand escort.

As one of the most popular escorts in Manchester, I can often be found partying the night away with my clients. I just love to let my hair down in the city, and I’m pretty knowledgeable about where the best Manchester nightspots are. Whether I’m enjoying a few drinks at a sophisticated cocktail bar or I’m dancing until the early hours, I’m the ultimate Manchester party girl. So when I received a booking from a student who was new to the city, I knew that I’d be able to show him a great time.

My client was a business student called Marcus, and he was studying for a postgraduate degree. He’d moved from Devon to Manchester, so he was going through a pretty big period of adjustment. Seeing all of his housemates head off on nights out made him want to get to know the city a little better, and being a single lad, he wanted a gorgeous lady to keep him company. Well, how could I say no to that? I love meeting new clients, and I couldn’t wait to show Marcus the incredible nightlife that was right there on his doorstep.

Mancunian girls love to dress up for their nights out, so I knew that I had to pull out all the stops for my date with Marcus. Matching underwear is always a must for me, and on that night I chose a seriously risqué black set with sexy sheer stockings. I chose a thigh-skimming dress that clung to my figure and just about covered my stocking tops. Marcus had specifically requested a blonde escort, so I left my long golden tresses loose.

We’d arranged to meet at a bar in the city centre not far from Marcus’ hotel. He was staying in one that evening to avoid any unwanted attention from his housemates, and I totally understood that. After all, men like to be discreet about hiring escorts. When we met his eyes almost popped out of his head! That’s when I knew that I’d done a good job picking my outfit. Putting a hand on the small of my back, he guided me into the bar.

Our night out quickly progressed, and before too long we’d moved on from the bar to one of Manchester’s most popular clubs. I wowed Marcus with my sexiest dance moves, and he couldn’t keep his hands off of me as I ground against him on the packed dancefloor. He was getting pretty amorous by the time the club closed – and so was I! I don’t really have a ‘type’, but I found Marcus incredibly attractive.

When we made it back to Marcus’ hotel, I let him take the lead. As this was his first night with an escort, I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. Luckily for me, Marcus certainly wasn’t feeling shy. He removed his clothing, and after that, begun to toy with the hem of my dress, rolling it up a little to expose my stockings. Turns out that as well as preferring blondes, Marcus is definitely a leg man too!

Now, I never reveal the exact details of what went on during one of my dates. I really value my clients’ need for privacy, and my professionalism is what has enabled me to get to the top in this profession. What I will say though, is that Marcus and I didn’t go to sleep for a very long time. In fact, us heading back to his hotel was only the start of the party!

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What Not To Do When Visiting An Escort

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Visiting an escort for the first time can be a little overwhelming, with what seems like a hundred different rules, things to consider and bits to remember. With that being said, having to remember a lot of things definitely doesn’t constitute as an excuse to forget that you’re not allowed to do things that come off as rude, and today, we’re discussing things that you definitely shouldn’t do when visiting an escort.

Don’t Ask Rude Questions

I know this one is subjective as you never know what someone will perceive as being rude, but in general don’t ask questions that you probably wouldn’t ask someone that you’d just met on a date. Don’t ask an escort if they’re clean (it’s her job to be), what their home life is like (that all feels a little personal), how many other people they’ve seen that day (you don’t want to know the answer, and they definitely don’t want to make things awkward by telling you) or their real name (if they wanted you to know, they’d be using it). In general, be courteous, don’t be too invasive, and don’t get too personal in a way that could turn the entire experience into feeling more than a little awkward.

Don’t Try To Haggle Or Withhold Your Money

I know it can seem like a lot of money to drop on one night, but remember that you opted to spend the night in this escort’s company, knowing the price that it would set you back. Don’t go there and then haggle with an escort who is just doing a job for the price that you already agreed to, as it’s insulting to the escort and embarrassing for you – and don’t withhold money until the very end. Money is customarily exchanged within the first ten minutes spent with an escort, and don’t withhold it – unless you wish to make the whole exchange seem forced as you’re spending you time with an escort who’s not sure if they’re going to get paid. Similarly, if the escort is going to have to ask you to pay them, this is only going to end in more awkwardness that could otherwise be avoided.

Don’t Make Promises That You Can’t/Won’t Deliver On

This is a much smaller point than the one above, but it’s definitely one that’s worth noting. Escorts tend to place their hopes on your reviews and you coming back for another booking, and if you say you’re going to do this, it’s good to follow through. If you can’t deliver on these things, that’s fine – but don’t make promises like this to your escort; their livelihood depends on this, and you’re feedback is super important, so a review promised that isn’t posted can make them feel the meeting didn’t go as well as they’d thought.

The list of etiquette rules available for most escorts will tell you if there’s anything that you particular shouldn’t do, but here’s a basic set of rules to consider if you’re going to an escort for the first time, or just if you need a reminded; stay safe, comfortable and don’t make the situation awkward.


This article was published by Babes of London.

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The Rise Of The Internet Escort

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Gone are the days of finding a Birmingham directory for escorts via a card on the side of a telephone box, or even through word of mouth of a friend – gone are the days of advertisements altogether pretty much, because the rise of the internet escort is here. It’s hardly a surprise, with the fact it’s such a huge industry, but nevertheless, the constant growth of the business within the online market has considerably changed the way that we access escorts.

In the same way that we can now have our shopping delivered to our door, we have the same sort of ability to summon escorts –  with some online agencies even offering escorts to be at your door within the hour where possible. It’s true that the internet has remarkable changed the way that we view booking escorts – with agencies holding up to thousands of escorts on their books, or a quick location search showing you who is in your area and likely free, there is an escort for everyone, and you’re likely going to be able to find them just by running a quick five minute google search. Want a blonde? A certain height? Someone who can help you with a particular kink? No problem, online agencies let us filter with a simple click.

The benefits of taking the business online are wide reaching… literally. It allows for more widespread, cheaper advertisement than ever before, whilst also meaning that will some good placement of keywords, the top agencies will always appear at the top of google – meaning that at a certain point, there may be no need to advertise at all!. It means that escorts both nation, and potentially even world, wide are able to sign up with the best agencies, and the ones that will afford them the best opportunities, than just the ones in their immediate area.

Similarly, as a client, the offering of online agencies allow you to find escorts in your area that are the cheapest, with something to compare them to directly, as well as ensuring that you are seeing all of the available escorts available to you, not just the ones shown by just one agency. With easy booking and cancellation methods, no need for the awkward phone calls that there are internet horror stories for, and the ability to receive an email confirmation if you’re booking a few months ahead – it seems like the internet has really revolutionised the escorting agency, and it definitely seems to be for the better.

Whether you find your latest escort on social media, through an agency or even if she has an independent website; there’s a lot to be said for how easy it is to find the perfect fit for you with just a few search words and the click of a mouse. The rise of the internet escort has revolutionised the world of escorting; making it widely available, easy accessible and easy to navigate than ever; so what are you waiting for?


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Should You Opt For An Incall Or An Outcall?

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There are a number of different options when it comes to booking in for a tantric massage London, and one of the most important ones is navigating the world of incalls and outcalls. Traditionally, you met in hotels, had a drink at the bar and then saw where it went – but there are now a number of different options, allowing you to meet at a place, or at your own place, in order to better fit in with busy modern lifestyles. So, what’s better – should you opt for an incall or an outcall?

There are a number things to consider when looking at the two; and the first thing to check is that your escort offers both, or whether they only offer one or the other. If it’s one or the other, make sure that you’re comfortable with that decision, and if not, it might be time to look into some other escorts that might fit what you had in mind better. This is another thing not to be haggled on, if escorts don’t want to do incalls, or don’t want to do outcalls, don’t be invasive by asking them to change their mind.

When you’re looking at incalls; you need to make sure that you’re comfortable when it comes to going to meet someone that you’ve never met in an environment that you’ve never been to before – very possible the escorts house. Although there is fairly low risk involved when it comes to booking them through agencies, it’s worth noting that this has always been considered the higher risk option, for obvious reasons. This is, however, the cheaper option – as you can make your own way to the place in which you’re meeting, and there are no extra travel costs involved – something that needs to be considered when it comes to outcalls.

The first thing that I want to clarify about outcalls is that this typically doesn’t mean that an escort will come to your house, although in some circumstances this might be the case. This typically means that an escort will come to the area within you live to meet you at a pre-determined place, usually a hotel. This is often considered to be a safer option, however it typically does cost more; with the cost of the escort, a hotel room as well as possible travel expenses that you will more than likely have to cover.

All in all, there are upsides and downsides to both options, but it’s definitely worth considering which is your ideal option before looking for escorts. Remember that some escorts will only do one or the other, and if it’s a decider for you (remember if it’s enough that they’ve put this publically, it’s also a decider for them) it might be time to consider a different escort, as this is another one of those things that definitely isn’t a haggling matter when it comes to discussing this.

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